Sian Clements

“I am happy to say I have had my nails and regular waxes done with Ade for many years now.

She has always been very professional, easy to talk to and has a very relaxed manner.  For me being relaxed and comfortable when someone is working on my body is very important and Adrienne’s relaxed yet confident approach puts me totally at ease.

Adrienne’s beautiful Salon reflects her approach to her work, everything is always clean and tidy and no hair is ever out of place.

Adrienne has the best service and the best (amazing) prices, which are always served with a big smile.

I  book my waxes well in advance (every 6 weeks) and Adrienne always remind me when it is coming up.

I am very fortunate to be one of Adrienne’s loyal customers and she has become a very close friend.”

Sian Clements.

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