Pedicures in Orewa on the North Shore (Hibiscus Coast), Auckland, New Zealand



What a treat to have someone give you a pedicure.

Here’s what you get with my standard pedicure:

  • Start with a warm vibrating foot spa to soften things up
  • Followed by a thorough cleaning out your cuticles
  • Trimming and filing of the nails.


Then the real pampering begins with a magazine and cup of coffee or tea as I set about :

  • Exfoliating your lower leg removing all the dead skin cells
  • A lower leg  oil massage leaving you with wonderfully soft and smooth legs.
  • Then its back to the feet where I remove all that hard skin with a specially formulated Callus remover.
  • Your new and wonderfully supple feet are then wrapped in a warm towel before
  • Being painted with the OPI color of your choice.

I’ve had clients say my pedicures are as good as reflexology at a tenth of the price! 


I offer a mini pedicure and a standard pedicure as follows:

Pedicure – Standard $ 40.00
Pedicure – Mini $ 25.00

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